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Meet Miguel Ángel Segura

Miguel Ángel Segura (MÁS) is a public school teacher raised in Los Angeles who envisions a world where all students are seen, loved, and uplifted.


MÁS is a product of our LAUSD public schools, child of service-working parents.


Miguel brings experience from the local, state, federal, and presidential levels.



Economic Mobility

Miguel’s parents worked as a dishwasher and housekeeper who leveraged education for their kids to exit poverty.


Families across Board District 2 face similar challenges. Miguel will accelerate economic mobility so students are exposed to a life that breaks out of generational poverty.


Equitable Staffing

Miguel had no teachers of color in his public school education.


Today, Los Angeles is facing an educator shortage and staffing crisis. Miguel will ensure equitable staffing so all students can learn from stable, loving, and culturally responsive adults.


Mental Health Supports

Miguel lost his dad to COVID-19 last year.


Miguel’s story is one of thousands in our community who were impacted by the pandemic. Miguel will increase mental health supports so students, educators, and families can heal.


Culture & Identity

In school, Miguel felt like an outcast being removed from his bilingual program, separated from his peers.


All students in BD2 deserve to be visible and feel connected. Miguel will translate student needs to District decision-making so that every student’s culture and identity is uplifted.


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